• Give Thanks

    True thanksgiving is rooted in a profound humility. And biblical humility begins and ends with a right view of God. > Setting our eyes on the greatness, immensity, creativity, power, sovereignty, and glory of God helps us keep our priorities straight. > Reflecting on the immeasurable mercy, the lavish grace, and unending love of God… Continue Reading

  • An Act of Mercy

    I’m amazed at how God grabs our attention. At LifePoint I recently taught through Acts 16 (Paul and company in Philippi). Here we find three encounters with God, yet God working in three very different ways. Lydia (16:11-15) was a God-fearing gentile. The text says that God opened her heart, and Lydia listened to Paul. Given the context, it’s fair to… Continue Reading

  • A Well-Ordered List

    It’s been nearly two months since my last post here. That’s disappointing, but my lack of posting does not reflect a lack of interest, just a lack of time. After a short hiatus, here’s a well-ordered list to jump back in with both feet. Because, well, I love a good list. 1 – Ellie. 2. I got a chance… Continue Reading

  • Going Public (Acts 1:1-8)

    What’s implicit in Acts 1:1-8 is this: Being a disciple of Jesus means being Spirit-filled, and being Spirit-filled means that we’ll be on mission. Being a witness to Christ’s work isn’t something extra or novel. It’s central to our identity in Christ. In fact, throughout the book of Acts, we see that the Spirit is… Continue Reading

  • Inside the Islamic State

    Now ruling over a swath of land across Syria and Iraq (and now Lebanon) roughly the size of Maryland, the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is responsible for violence, persecution, and fear which has driven out hundreds of thousands (millions?) of refugees over the past three years – and increasingly so over the past three months. You have likely seen… Continue Reading

  • Refugees + Work

    In most nations, refugees and asylum-seekers are prohibited from working. Where people fear that refugees will take jobs away from “hardworking citizens,” politicians have simply made laws that keep refugees from competing for jobs. Refugees simply aren’t allowed to work. And since refugees can’t vote, it’s a political win for legislators.  The economics of such… Continue Reading

  • Encountering Jesus

    There’s something about encountering Jesus. When we’ve seen Jesus for who He really is, we can’t help but be changed. Some worship and others riot, but no one walks away from an encounter with Jesus unchanged! It’s all over the New Testament: *The crowds hear Him teach, and they’re astonished. *They see Him perform miracles, and… Continue Reading