• Inside the Islamic State

    Now ruling over a swath of land across Syria and Iraq (and now Lebanon) roughly the size of Maryland, the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) is responsible for violence, persecution, and fear which has driven out hundreds of thousands (millions?) of refugees over the past three years – and increasingly so over the past three months. You have likely seen… Continue Reading

  • Refugees + Work

    In most nations, refugees and asylum-seekers are prohibited from working. Where people fear that refugees will take jobs away from “hardworking citizens,” politicians have simply made laws that keep refugees from competing for jobs. Refugees simply aren’t allowed to work. And since refugees can’t vote, it’s a political win for legislators.  The economics of such… Continue Reading

  • Encountering Jesus

    There’s something about encountering Jesus. When we’ve seen Jesus for who He really is, we can’t help but be changed. Some worship and others riot, but no one walks away from an encounter with Jesus unchanged! It’s all over the New Testament: *The crowds hear Him teach, and they’re astonished. *They see Him perform miracles, and… Continue Reading

  • On Suffering

    Now that we’ve got four (!) little ones, I’m knee deep in children’s books. When you’ve got multiple kids you end up reading the same books over-and-over again for years (just when one kid outgrows a book, the next one wants to start reading it).  One of those books that I’ve read hundreds of times… Continue Reading

  • A Story from Lavrio

    I challenge you to read Jihan’s story and put yourself in her shoes.  She is a Syrian refugee in Greece’s Lavrio Camp – a refugee camp outside of Athens. LAVRION CAMP, Greece — Jihan is one of millions who have fled the violence in Syria. A mother of two, forced into exile. Like many, she… Continue Reading

  • Beyond Karma

    There’s something about the idea of karma that we just eat up. We love these kinds of stories (jerks getting hit in the head with hockey pucks, criminals getting caught in the act, etc.). But I’ve noticed something: I go too far with it. Soon enough I don’t just want the promise of some future… Continue Reading

  • New Testament Context

    I’ve been up to my neck in ancient texts and commentaries over the past few months. It’s been tough work, but so rewarding. Since March I’ve been reading in preparation for a Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program that I’m beginning at Northern Seminary this summer. Although it will mean a lot of hard work, I’m excited to start this new adventure.… Continue Reading