• Athens: Week 2

    Our team arrived back to Quincy late last night. Thanks to everyone who prayed – and who gave – in order to make this trip a reality! We loved, served, and gave in the name of Jesus. Thanks for making that possible! Although security issues prevent me from posting pictures of refugees, here are a… Continue Reading

  • Athens: Week 1

    Our team from LifePoint Church has been here in Athens serving and loving refugees alongside Helping Hands for the past week. There are so many stories to share… but for now, I’ll leave you with some pictures from our first week (you’ll notice that I have not included direct and unobstructed photos of faces in… Continue Reading

  • A Watery Graveyard

    Although the stories may not be as prominent in the news, the refugee crisis in Europe has by no means abated. Many of the Greek islands that are set just off the coast of Turkey continue to receive hundred of refugees per day. The sea, however, is growing more treacherous by the day, as the… Continue Reading

  • Helping Hands

    Back in 2012, a friend helped to tell the story of the ministry of Helping Hands in Athens. Although the numbers of refugees have increased, this still expresses well the heart and ministry of the team. Thanks for helping tell the story, Ryan and Andrew: Ministry Profile: Helping Hands There’s a place near the heart… Continue Reading

  • Refugees in the News

    A recent update from a friend and former teammate in Athens… ——– Hello from Athens! Refugees are definitely in the news these days! The situation in Greece right now is difficult with so many desperate people arriving. Our team is engaging new refugees, praying for them, and seeking how we can best serve and share… Continue Reading

  • What good news?

    In the church world, we throw around the word gospel on a daily basis. Indeed, it has become the adjective de jour in the Christian publishing world (gospel-centered this, gospel-shaped that). And yes, we should be a gospel-centered people and churches… I agree emphatically. The problem is that sometimes we use the word in a… Continue Reading

  • Parisa's Journey

    Here’s a portion of an email update from a good friend working with Helping Hands in Athens. She is working among Afghan refugees and shares this story of one woman’s journey from Afghanistan to Greece. The name has been changed… but her story is true. Please join me in praying for “Parisa” and countless others… Continue Reading