Brett and Kristin ~ July 12-25, 2006

12th – Arrival 2:45; Get settled into guest house; neighborhood tour and orientation

13th – Athens Refugee Center (ARC) Orientation; ARC & Tea House

14th – Brett help with shower ministry; meet with Athens team members

15th – ARC & Tea House

16th – Local church; evening Persian fellowship

17th – Day off: possibly tour Athens, visit Corinth; tour Islands

18th – ARC & Tea House

19th – Team Meetings; evening team fellowship

20th – ARC & Tea House

21st – Brett, Weekend Retreat; Kristin, Work project at ARC & Family night

22nd – Brett, Weekend Retreat; Kristin, ARC & Tea House

23rd – Brett, Weekend Retreat; Kristin, Church & Persian Fellowship

24th – Day Off – Possibly tour Athens, visit Corinth, or tour Islands

25th – Departure 9:45am

This is, of course, a tentative and skeleton schedule, but it should give us a sense of what we’re up against in Athens. Flexibility, as they say, is key. The Athens Refugee Center (ARC) and Tea House are the main component of the ministry. The ARC is food distribution and general assistance ministry (children’s ministry, English/Greek classes, and much more), while the Tea House is a relationship building mechanism. As its name indicates, Tea is served at the Tea House and friendships are born in conversation or over a game of chess.

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