Just to give some sense of the nature of the organization we will be serving with, we thought it would be helpful to share these core values of International Teams…

identify with the lostness of the world.
We ourselves are utterly lost apart from the grace of Jesus.

is more than a decision.
The call to “follow me” means transformed people building transforming communities.

values one person. We value one person. Without limit.
We will go to extraordinary measures to bring the present and future hope of God’s kingdom to each one.

We believe the Church is God’s agent to reach the world.

Really. Therefore, we are profoundly committed to the local church in its mission.

are no marginalized people in God’s kingdom.
Never is the gospel of reconciliation more clearly demonstrated than when hearts of hatred are turned to love.

want to be there before and long after the big campaign rolls through town.
We want to build deep and long-term.

are relational and strategic, living among those we serve.

God is both dangerous and good.

Following him is a risk-taking adventure, dependent on a miraculous God.

believe in people coming from everywhere, going to everywhere.
Missions belongs to the whole world.

are an interdenominational Christian, evangelical ministry living out worship and service to God from our wide range of backgrounds and styles.

worship of the living God is humanity’s highest calling and ultimate end.
We do it with joy, as often as we can.


One thought on “International Teams

  1. Thank you for sharing the information about International Teams… I am really enjoying your updates…. Love Mom

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