Well, we’re all packed up, tickets in hand, ready to see what comes our way. Our plane is scheduled to leave O’Hare at 4:10 tomorrow afternoon! Kristin received some great news this morning too – she has a job for the fall! Hartsburg-Emden Elementary School, a small country school about 10 or 15 minutes from our apartment, hired Kristin as their kindergarten teacher. We thank God for this!
Kristin and I had the opportunity to speak at Chatham Christian Church – outside of Springfield, IL – on Sunday, July 9th. Thanks to everyone at Chatham for your support and encouragement!
Please keep us in your prayers for the next couple weeks:
– Pray for us: God’s guidance regarding our future in Athens; our safety; our cultural sensitivity.
– Pray for the team: for unity and purpose.
– Pray for the refugees: for their spiritual and physical needs; for Christ-honoring relationships with the missionaries.
– We are not doing this just for an “experience” or to gain a good name. We are doing this as an act of worship. Pray that Christ’s name will be exalted in all we do and say.

2 thoughts on “See You Soon!

  1. hi friends!!!
    thank you for the updates. i appreciate them. i am going to try to call tonight so i can talk with you before you leave.

    congrats on the job kris!!

    love you both.


  2. congratulations on the new job, kris! i’m so happy for you. i hope you guys have a wonderful time in greece. love you both –
    melissa :)

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