Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts! Kristin and I arrived here in Athens Wednesday afternoon after a long but altogether smooth flight. Yesterday we attended our first “tea house” – where refugees can come receive food, have some tea, and hang out (other services/supplies are provided upon availability: clothing, shoes, soap, toothepaste, etc.). There are also English and Greek classes, as well as day care and crafts for the kids. I had the opportunity to engage in many very interesting conversations with a number of refugees from Somalia and Iran. A trio of Somali refugees told me about coming to Athens. It was a three month journey – completely by foot!! Unbelievable! Others are able to fly into Turkey and pay a smuggler to get them into Greece by boat or on foot. Kristin worked with some very cute children in the craft room and was later able to assist teaching an English class – which she very much enjoyed and gave her an opportunity to interact with many refugees. We must be going now… but stay posted for more updates. We hope to have some pictures posted either later tonight or sometime tomorrow. (Note: Athens is 8 hours ahead of Chicago time). Love and Peace!

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