The Tea House has been an amazing opportunity to share our friendship and faith with the refugees. Thursday, with the “Gospel of John” movie playing in the background, a Somalian refugee asked “What is the meaning of Jesus’ death? Why did He have to die?” What an opportunity! Today another Somali refugee asked me to explain the difference between Catholics and Orthodox and Evangelicals… however, instead of getting bogged down by theological nuances, we had a great discussion about faith – the importance is Jesus in your heart (being a disciple), not any other name or label. The team leader said that this was particularly exciting, because Somalians are often less open to the gospel than others. Please pray that God will open the hearts of some of the Somalians.
Also pray for our brother “R” (the team asks that we use initials rather than names) – a believer from Afghanistan. He was baptized here in Athens, but believes that God is calling him to return to Afghanistan and share Christ with his people. He has an amazing zeal for sharing Christ with other Afghans.
God is working here. One Farsi speaker asked to see the Jesus video after the Tea House, but when others heard they also wanted to see the video – between 10-15 Farsi speakers (Iranians, Afghans) watched. Pray also for these seekers – especially my friend “CH,” who I have been regularly playing chess with.

One thought on “Tea House

  1. We look forward to your messages. We continue to pray for you. We had a great time at Kiddyland with Billy. His favorite ride was the log ride. He liked the big splash. Keep safe.

    Dad and Mom J

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