**Sorry that we haven’t posted any pictures yet – the internet connection hasn’t allowed us to do so. When we get home, you’ll be able to see all of what we’ve been seeing and doing!**
Today was our third day here at the Athens Refugee Center (ARC). It’s such a relaxed and welcoming place for the refugees to come, get some food and tea, and relax and talk. I helped pass out tomatoes and feta with their food bag (which also included Bread, Olives, and Peppers). Brett helped prepare the food and collect tickets (which the refugees redeem for food) with an Iraqi believer.
The women mostly gather together at one side of the room and chat, while the men play chess, ping pong, and backgammon or just enjoy each other’s company in a safe place. The children today were making paper-plate ducks or coloring, playing pick-up-sticks, or other games. I’ve helped a few times in the English class, which happens during the last hour of the ARC. (They also offer classes in Greek.) A summer volunteer from Montana, Kathi, has been teaching English for the past month (there is no full time teacher) – and I’ve been helping out the best I can. It is very different from a room full of 5 and 6 year olds. The students here are very eager to learn and have a wonderful and patient attitude. Today we talked about verbs and tense – it got a little tricky when we began addressing irregular verbs.
We’ve had a chance to see many wonderful things both in and out of town. We’ve been to the Acropolis to see the ruins and temples, and have walked through many neighborhood here in Athens. We’ve even been to the sea and swam a bit. Yesterday we saw the ruins at Corinth, and could just picture what it must have been like when Paul was there preaching to the people. We’re having a wonderful experience here so far, and have had dinner with each of the families on the team. We’re hearing (and seeing) some incredible stories about how God is at work in live and hearts here. We can’t wait to tell you all more! Have a wonderful day!

One thought on “Tuesday at the ARC

  1. Hey Brett and Kristin! I love hearing about what you’ve been up to…it reminds me of so many of the good times that I had in Athens. What an amazing thing that you two are going to be living and working in a nation that is so dear to my heart. Hope you guys have many more amazing experiences during your visit. Love you tons! ~ Megs

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