It’s been good to be home again, to start getting back on our time schedule here. I was able to go to my new school today and pick up the keys to my classroom. It was such a relief to see how God provided a job for me the day before we left for Greece, so that it wouldn’t be a concern while we were there. It’s going to be a welcome change of pace from teaching in Chicago, and so far, I still only have 11 students lined up! I’m going to be looking into taking a TESOL class at Lincoln (teaching english to speakers of other languages). Hopefully if teaching would be something I’d do when we head back to Greece, it’d help me to put age-appropriate lessons together, since I’m used to teaching little kids instead of adults.

While we were in Greece, during our spare time, we were able to see some pretty impressive places. One evening we went up to the Acropolis, to see the Parthenon and a number of temples up on the same hill. It was an incredible view of all of Athens from up there, and interesting to look around and see how many ancient structures still are intact in the area. Another afternoon, we walked to Mars Hill (pictured above), where Paul gave his sermon from Acts 17. It was neat to envision him standing on that hill, looking up to the temples at the Acropolis, and in the surrounding area, and recognizing that the people recognized the need to serve a god, yet were misguided in their choice of whom to serve. We had two Mondays as free days to travel and sightsee further away from Athens, and on the first, we visited the ruins of Ancient Corinth. Some of the outdoor areas were impressively intact after 2000 years or more, and it was even possible to see some of the waterway system, shops and fountain areas (pictured to the left). It’s hard to imagine how they were able to construct such strong and tall marble structures with the simple tools and lack of machines like we have today. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you more about our other day off to the island of Aegina. :)

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