On our very last day in Greece, we had the chance to take a quick boat ride to the island of Aegina. It took only 45 minutes to get away from the mainland, and feel like we’d gone to a totally different place. We rented a scooter with friends we’d been working with for our two weeks in Athens, and drove around the island, beach hunting. Along the way, we explored a beautiful new church that has a monastery just up the hill (picture below). Brett did all of our driving on the scooter since he was much better at balancing it with the two of us, I got to ride it a little while by myself, just to play. :) We headed up the hilly roads to the other side of the island and had another delicious lunch consisting of Greek salad. The picture above is our view from our seats outside at lunch. The water was beautiful to see from there, and afterwards, we went for a swim, just off of those rocks at the top of the picture. The temperature was perfect, but, the saltiness takes some getting used to.
The countryside we passed throughout the island was very dry, but we were able to see some healthy olive and pistachio trees. Back in town, we got a little snack of pistachios, and found out that I really liked them. Who knew? We had a great and relaxing last day in Greece, and it was such a fun opportunity to see something much different from the inner city goings on. It was, however, a beautiful place to visit. So, if anyone has any travel plans sometime after next summer… :)

2 thoughts on “Aegina

  1. Awesome! I loved reading all your entries and seeing your pictures. We can’t wait to see you guys when you stop in Madison next week – we’re looking forward to hearing more about Greece and hanging out. It’s so great how the Lord has affirmed your decision to go there and we are confident in His big plans for you – or rather, a continuation of the work He’s been doing through you for years.

  2. So…I definitely think I have a picture of that very same spot on Aegina! I’m so excited that you two will be serving and loving the people of Greece. They are a treasure…

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