One of the most inspiring experiences was worshipping at the Persian Fellowship. This was a group of around 40 Iranian and Afghan believers who worshipped and studied together on Sunday afternoons. The picture to the left is the backdrop – which reads, in Farsi, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me” and, on the bottom, “Persian Fellowship, Athens Greece.” Although we couldn’t understand a single word of the service, God spoke to us through the passion and excitement with which they worshipped. This is all magnified by the backgrounds from which these believers came. Out of the repressive governments of Afghanistan and Iran, God has given these believers such a zeal. In their home countries the religious police could punish these people for simply asking questions or having the wrong literature… but now they worship Christ in freedom! However, their faith still costs them more than most of us can imagine. Many of the believers have been shunned by their friends and families. Some have been physically abused or threatened. Because of these on-going pressures, we have chose not to post any pictures of the fellowship members. Please continue to pray for these believers who face persecution, yet God is using to spread His church throughout the world (people who have become believers through this fellowship have now planted churches in Iran, Afghanistan, and other places throughout Europe).

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