Kristin and I had a great trip through Chicago & Madison to the UP of Michigan. We’re looking at the possibility of doing a bit more traveling next week, before school starts for each of us. After having been in Athens for about a week and a half, I received an email from Scott (the team leader) regarding a potential opportunity on the team which seems specifically relevant to my passions and experience. The position would be a blend of social work and pastoral responsibilities at “The Nest” – the short-term housing ministry of the team. The Nest has been shut down for just over a year, while the team sought out better vision and leadership over this important ministry (especially since it provides a SAFE place for believers, some of whom live under the constant threat of violence due to their faith). However, as funding is procured, the team hopes to reopen The Nest before winter. Scott would likely take leadership until Kristin and I arrived. Here is a brief description of the position from Scott:

“…to develop relationships with the residents, to pray for/with them, to be aware of their needs, to help hold them accountable, to make final decisions about who comes in and who goes out, to hold Bible studies, to meet WEEKLY with the resident manager to discuss house problems, evaluate residents, and do a little leadership training”

Essentially, then, the position (temporary referred to as the “Father Bird,” playing off the Nest theme) would blend social work – helping guests set housing/life goals, reach those goals, making decision about who will get housing (tough choices) – and pastoral work – holding Bible studies, discipling believers, evangelism, counseling, etc. Needless to say, I am very excited about this opportunity!

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