Every Friday evening the ministry hosts a “family night,” during which we have some sort of fun game night specifically for refugee families. While the majority of refugees are single men (either unmarried or with families in their home countries), there are still many families that make their way to Athens (and families are a growing refugee population). This ministry is exclusively for families. On these evenings, we play games, serve a meal, and share a Bible story.

While we were in Athens, and during most of the summer months, the family nights take place in one of the local parks (there isn’t very much green space in Athens and only a few large parks). It was a beautiful night: we ran around chasing kids and eating falafel (crush and fried chick peas) wraps. While, due to our limited language skills, conversation was limited, we shared a lot of big smiles and loud laughs with the kids, as the mothers sat together and talked. Good times!

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