As I’m writing today, Brett and I just returned from a concert of his favorite band Waterdeep. We’re on our way back from Colorado, but are breaking up the return trip near Kansas City, where the concert was held on the perfect day and time for us to make it! :) We’ve spent the last few days with Brett’s brother’s family in Colorado Springs – visiting with Ryan and Sherry and playing with the girls. We had such a great time with them, and can’t believe how different the girls look every time we get to visit with them! We also had the chance to do a little hiking at Mueller State Park, drive through the Garden of the Gods, and check out the chapel and grounds at the Air Force Academy. It was a great way to finish up summer vacation for both of us since school starts up this coming week! Since we’ve had plenty of time in the car lately, I started today to practice with the Greek alphabet to start getting a handle on it, before I start learning some vocabulary. I was also checking over the syllabus for the TESOL class I’m hoping to be in this fall also – Theoretical Foundations. The purpose of this class is to help me gain an understanding of the principals of language teaching and learning. It will also provide a chance to explore using the Bible as curriculum when teaching English in Greece. I just finished reading a book on Islam – to help refresh my memory of the basic principles and get a little bit deeper in my understanding of their religious principles. Brett still has cd’s of Islam lectures from a course he took at Lincoln, so that should be really helpful! So, it’s going to be an exciting start of the year for sure.

One thought on “Our last week of summer break

  1. kris i am going to colorado springs the first week of september. jessie is moving 5 minutes from the garden of the gods!! you’ll have to give us some pointers on where to go.

    give me a call sometime. it would be good to talk.

    i love you both-bobbie

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