School is in full swing for both Kristin and I. I finished “Embracing the Infidel” a few weeks ago – it provides a very descriptive firsthand account of what the migrants go through, if anyone wants to check it out or even borrow it from us. Well, we just wanted to check in and provide a few prayer requests:
1 – Pray for us this weekend as we have the opportunity to speak at Thorn Creek Reformed Church on Sunday (Sept. 3rd). Pray that we would be able to clearly communicate the passion that God has given us for the work in Athens. Pray also that God makes hearts sensitive to His work in Greece – and that He would raise up people to partner with us in the ministry.
2 – Pray also as we have the opportunity to meet with a few potential partners over the next few weeks.
3 – Pray that the refugees will experience true Peace.
4 – Pray for the ministry as they seek to reopen the Nest sheltering ministry very soon (a ministry that I will likely focus my attention in).

Thanks for all your encouragement!!

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