Brett and I are just here in Lincoln tonight, enjoying a nice cool breeze inside our apartment. It’s been so pleasant lately as far as the temperatures go, we’re trying to take advantage of our last little bits of warm weather to sit outside to do a little reading. I’ve had the chance lately to talk to a few teachers from my old school in Chicago, and keep feeling affirmed in our timing to move down to Lincoln. One of the first grade teachers now has 33 kids in her class – 33! She couldn’t believe it when I’d told her that I really only had twelve. It’s been such a treat and relaxing almost to be teaching here. The kids in my class are just really sweet and are so eager to do whatever we’re doing. It’s really making it a joy to teach and to come up with as many fun activities as possible. For Science we’ve been talking about animals, and had built our own birdfeeders – well, today, I decided to combine that activity with the 5 Senses – so, we had a tasty treat of popsicles outside while observing our birdfeeder, to see if any may come by, while taking in the smells and feels and sounds around us. Aren’t you jealous? :) Brett’s been working quite a bit on his school work lately. This weekend, we’ll get to head up to Chicago, because he gets to preach at our old church on Sunday, and accomplish one assignment for his preaching class in doing so. We’re having his professor for that class over for dinner tomorrow night just to chat a bit about Greece and Romania actually, b/c he’s been to Romania in the summers for quite a few years now teaching in a Seminary there, and this past summer had the chance to stop through in Greece. So, we’re anxious to hear a few of his stories from experiences there. I need to get onto my reading for the class I’m taking at the Seminary – It’s been interesting so far. We’ve been talking quite a bit about language acquisition, and how for second language learners, it should almost be approached in the same way a child learns a language – by listening and repeating. So, helpful tips for me to remember in starting on Greek! So, on that note, I bid you farewell, and wish you a pleasant evening!

2 thoughts on “School Stuff…

  1. I am soooo jealous that you get to make bird feeders. Can I come to your school? I really hate learning about atoms and the configuration of them. UGHH. Have a fun fallish day. It’s freezing here. But very cozy. Love you

  2. kristin! i’m so sorry i haven’t called you back yet. it was so sweet of you to leave me a message to let me know you were thinking of me. this week has been crazy, but i’ve had you on my mind the whole way through. i miss you so much, and hope we can touch base soon. when are you going to be in chicago this weekend??

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