Today was such a beautiful day here in Lincoln, I had Brett drop me off a few miles away from our apartment, and took a great jog back into town. I’ve come to appreciate the beauty of the nature where we live – yes, I’m talking about here in the cornfields. Since the pace of life here has greatly slowed for us, being away from Chicago, it seems like there’s just more opportunities for me to stop and just realize how great our God truly is, and how he provides for everything. A few weeks ago, I was running over caterpillars in my drive back and forth to school, but now the harvest has begun, and in driving back and forth I get to see the farmers hard at work clearing the fields. It makes me realize how little I really know about growing things, other than a few indoor plants, but, also, just how much they depend on God’s grace to provide at the right times. I need to learn to depend a little less on myself and open my eyes, to allow God to continue to show his grace to me.

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