Well, the crops have been harvested and the chill is beginning to deepen, but Kristin and I are still enjoying Lincoln. Next week are mid-terms for the seminary and college, and Kristin’s 1st quarter report cards are also due. This week her classroom throbbed with excitement as a new student arrived – lucky number 13. Her class took a field trip this week to the pig farm and pumpkin patch! Seminary hasn’t been nearly as exciting, but I am enjoying my classes. I have particularly appreciated my preaching class – I still have a lot to learn, but the experience is great. I never had a desire to preach before, but I look forward to each new opportunity. We received good news last week about Greece. Thorn Creek Reformed Church will be supporting us – with both monthly expenses in Greece, and one time set-up costs. We don’t know the exact numbers, but we thank God for the encouragement and support! Please continue to pray that God would provide partners for us as we prepare for Greece.

2 thoughts on “Mid-Term

  1. How is the support going and are you where you want to be at this point in time?

    I would like to ask you for the support letter, regrets that I cannot find the original.

    Please send this to all your friends as I am working on an endowment fund in perpetuity for the city of Azusa which is very economically challenged and for them to be able to attend APU


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