This past weekend, Brett and I were up celebrating our nephew’s third birthday already! It’s so great to see the excitement in the eyes of little kids for birthdays and holidays.
On Sunday, Brett had the chance to preach at a church near Aurora to get a little more preaching experience. He did such a great job, and seems to be getting more comfortable with preaching.
I wanted to show you a picture of my cute kids. This was from our field trip this past week to the farm/pumpkin patch, and the one-room school house. They were really getting into the old-time things – one of the highlights was the water pump outside and the outhouses in back. I wasn’t too surprised – because they’re five. :)

One thought on “Field Trips and Birthdays

  1. you are just too cute, kris. i love that shot of you with all of your kiddos! looks like everyone had such fun. i hope i get to see you soon – keep me posted on how plans look for possibly coming out to visit in november! i’d love to have you!!

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