I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Kristin and I enjoyed Myrna’s homecooking and some quality time with both families. A couple updates:
(1) The church in Chatham will be voting on their budget, in which we are generously included, this Sunday. We thank God for His provision and the churches faithfulness. Pray with us that the budget will pass!
(2) We received an email last week from Scott (the team leader) in Athens. It seems that they MAY have found a quality site for the re-opening of the Nest Ministry, which is the housing shelter in Athens. The team decided to close the Nest two or three years back, due to leadership and logistical concerns. They’ve been attempting to re-open this ministry since August, but wanted to find just the right place. With my experience working at the homeless shelter in Chicago, I – Brett – will likely be very involved in the day to day operations of this ministry. Please join us in prayer for this important ministry. As Scott says, “It looks and sounds right, but we are waiting for the owner’s decision about using it for the purpose of temporarily housing homeless refugees, and we are praying for the Holy Spirit’s guidance.”

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