Utilizing the services of YouTube.com, we’ve just posted our Athens photo slideshow online for the world to see. Click HERE to check it out! It’s a 7-minute photo montage that offers a nice overview of the two weeks we spent in Athens this summer. In fact, it’s photo-tastic. While the video doesn’t capture the smell of the ocean or the taste of the feta, it is a good start. The video quality isn’t that great and the captions somehow got cut out of some of the frames, but it’s not too bad for a free service. Also, if the tone of my voice… er, writing… sounds more jovial than usual, that is because I am now a free man – the fall semester is officially over! Kristin will likely be writing something of a similarly celebratory tone this time next week. Thanks for your prayers!

3 thoughts on “Thank you, YouTube

  1. Thank you for posting the slide show. We check your blog frequently and enjoying being able to see first hand where you will be serving. We are praying God will supply all of your necessary support quickly. Thanks for the updates. Merry Christmas and God Bless. Dan, Pam and Trevor VanderMeer (I was Pam Biegel) Thorn Creek Reformed Church

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