Great news! The Chatham budget passed unanimously, meaning that we will receive monthly support from the church. The church has been very generous and we are very thankful. Thanks also for your prayers concerning this. In addition to a few other gifts (a generous Thanksgiving offering from Thorn Creek and some individual contributions), we have just over 25% of our first year’s support pledged. That’s exciting! We will be hitting the support raising trail a bit harder after the holidays, but are so thankful for those who have already come around us in support.
Also, I found a very nice video interview with Nikos, a native Greek and faithful servant at the refugee ministry. Click HERE to check it out. He describes some of the different ministries of Helping Hands (the name of mission) and shares some stirring testimonies. It has some different pictures and videos of the ministry spliced in, as well. If you have a few minutes, it is well worth your time.
Thanks again for everyone’s love and support. Kristin and I are headed to Chicago this weekend. I will be preaching at Paxton. We’ll visit some friends and family and see a Christmas play that a friend is acting in. It is all very exciting, especially since school work is not looming overhead. Have a great weekend!

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