We recently received an email update from our future teammates in Athens. Nadar, the pastor of the Persian Fellowship, shares that several refugees have come to Christ in the last few months. Here are the stories of just a few (we use initials to protect their identities in what can be an unsafe environment for believers):

“Praise God for these new souls who came to the Lord. “D”, “R”, “M” and “J ” are three Iranians and one Afghani who came to the Lord in the last two months.

The Afghani man who accepted Christ was a journalist in Afghanistan. He had a lot of persecution from the Taliban that made him run away from his country. When he came here and attended the Fellowship, God open the truth to him and he accepted the Lord…

“M” the Iranian who accepted Christ has the sickness of Hepatitis. According to the doctor it is not the contagious kind. He is staying away from Athens at a camp in Labrio. Every Saturday he is coming to Athens and stays with his friends just to attend the Sunday Church service (in which we are in partnership with a local Greek Church – so we can build up relationships among the refugees and the Greek believers). And in the afternoon, he also comes with us for the night service at the Persian Fellowship. One thing he said that was very encouraging was his sickness brought him to the Lord. Praise God that He is showing His truth and His mercy to these people.”

2 thoughts on “Changed Lives

  1. i just found out that my friend dave from college worked with international teams in athens too while in college. small world!

  2. Hey Guys! You are leaving so soon. Well, I will be praying for both of you! You have the coolest graphics on your blog. Well done.

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