Kristin and I had a very nice weekend in Chicago and look forward to returning there in two weeks. We continue to be overwhelmed by the support and love we have received from family, friends, and churches in Chicago, Chatham, and elsewhere. With about three months to go, our support raising efforts are just over half complete. Thank you to everyone who has shared so generously with God’s work in Athens.

We also wanted to take a moment and acknowledge a great article about refugees in this months Christianity Today. For those of you in Chatham, the article features Karen (a people group from Burma) refugees in upstate NY – the same people group as Jesse Yangmi (I believe). The article highlights how churches in Utica, NY are responding to the needs of refugees – and thereby living out the love of Christ. Here is a teaser…

Like many Christians moving to a new town, Say Wah Htoo made finding a new place to worship a top priority. So one Sunday morning shortly after arriving in Utica, New York, she attended a nearby church. It had familiar theology, a few songs she knew, and the obligatory smiles and handshakes after the service.
But Htoo (pronounced “Too”) needed more. She had been raised in a Christian home deep in the jungles of Myanmar (Burma), a member of the Karen people, persecuted by a brutal regime. Her perilous escape from Myanmar brought her to central New York State through a refugee resettlement program.
Walking through the ornate doors of Tabernacle Baptist Church, she was a penniless, war-scarred single mother. Her faith had taken a severe beating during her travails…

Click here for the complete article, which includes a nice photo slide show.

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