Friday is finally here and we are looking forward to great weekend in Chatham. As we continue to prepare for Greece, please join us in prayer for our future teammates. Pray for their unity, boldness, and perseverance.

Also, please pray specifically for Ilir and Kate Cami (Ilir is on the right; the other is not Kate). Ilir and Kate have been in Greece for several years and are faithful servants. Americans living in Greece, however, must reapply for a residence permit each year. While this is burdensome on its own, the Greek government is often quite fickle regarding its residency procedures. For unknown reasons, the Greek government has denied their residency application. Please pray for the Camis as they appeal this decision. If their appeal is denied, they will likely have to return to Chicago to re-apply their paperwork and make any necessary adjustments to their application. Pray that our sovereign God will open the right hearts and doors in the Greek government.

While you’re at it, please pray for Kristin and I regarding this same matter. We will soon begin the visa/residency permit application process. Pray for God’s guidance and direction in what can be an altogether laborious process.

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