We’re in the midst of another great weekend in Chicago, meeting with family, friends, and supporters. Kristin also had a kindergarten conference in Schaumburg over Thursday and Friday. It’s been quite a fine mini-vacation.
Ok, so I know that I’m over two months late, but here is a year-end update from International Teams. I hope that it gives you a snapshot of what ITeams has been up to around the world over the last year.

This year we have seen God move in amazing ways. So, as we reflect on 2006, we’d like to share with you some of the highlights of our ministries around the world:

Besides the Elgin staff, in the USA we have twelve urban teams: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago (2), Elgin, Fresno, Grand Portage MN, Holland MI, Long Beach, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Philadelphia (2).

Our global missionary team has surpassed 900.

Russian ITeams missionaries will soon be bringing the hope of Christ to other former Soviet nations.

Recent wonderful stories of transformed lives have come from Greece, Minneapolis, Bosnia and Colombia.

A few months ago our South Asia Friendship Center held a very successful outreach to Muslims at a festival in Chicago.

Our team in Grenoble, France recently launched a new church plant for non-French, English-speaking residents.

We now have twelve teams – made up primarily by East Asians – in China and three in India. China and India are fairly new fields where traditional western missionaries have a hard time getting into.

Right now we have 16 young people working with Africa Quest at Kaniki Bible College in Zambia.

One of our located in a country on the Arabian Peninsula will soon have 11 members.

Six Latino ITeams missionaries have been sent out from Latin America, two working in a closed country in North Africa.

20 teams with 86 people are working in the Refugee Ministries around the world.

44 missionaries are working in Muslim Ministries, and another 27 are serving Muslims in other contexts.

Teams are now placed in Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, with plans to establish teams in Malawi and Rwanda.

We currently have 12 emerging national organizations, meaning they will soon be supporting and sending missionaries to other nations: Austria, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Jordan, Kenya, Netherlands, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, South Africa, and Vietnam.

2 thoughts on “International Teams on the Move

  1. it was wonderful seeing you both, catching up and hearing more about the important work being done in greece that you’ll be a part of! brett, my dad said he’d be happy to talk with you about social work efforts on his part versus some of the international efforts he’s had a chance to work with in spain. kris, would you be so kind as to e-mail me the pictures we took the other night? love you guys!

  2. yikes, hopefully i wasn’t too sharp! although i’m thrilled to be your first comment in blogville. :) it was great seeing you the other night…thanks for the gift of your company (and the beverages, too, of course; so kind of you!). :)

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