Kristin and I had a very fruitful visit to Chicagoland this past weekend. A big thanks to the Thorn Creek family for welcoming us, and continuing to support and encourage us so lovingly. God’s grace and provision are evident in His church. Thanks to all. We also wanted to pass along an update we received from Athens yesterday (Sunday). The note that follows is from Scott McCracken, the team leader and an all-around good guy:

Dear Praying Friends,
Praise God as He continues to reach the nations through Athens!

1. Thursday morning a young man from Iran and a young man from Afghanistan showed up together at our ministry center. They introduced themselves as believers who had been part of the Persian church in Turkey during their stay in that country. As we listened to their story, and heard how they first came to believe in Jesus, we learned something VERY ENCOURAGING from the young Iranian man (“R”). Apparently his brother (“CH”) had come through Athens some years ago, and became a believer through our ministry here. Although we have not heard from “CH” since he left Athens, he has gone on to live in England where he is currently attending an Iranian Bible School. Through communicating with his family back in Iran, he was able to share the Gospel with them and encourage them to watch some Christian programming on satellite TV. This is how “R” finally decided to put his trust in Jesus (while in Iran), and subsequently had the privilege of LEADING SEVERAL OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS TO CHRIST, who are currently following Jesus there!

Unfortunately, on Thursday evening, on his way to meet another brother of ours who had arranged a place for him to sleep that night, “R” disappeared and has not yet shown up. Nor has he contacted our Iranian staff member (Nader) whose phone number he has. Please pray that he will be able to contact us soon, please pray for his safety, for his continuing spiritual growth, and for his efforts to join his brother in England.

2. We have written to you before about “M” from Afghanistan, who lost his whole family in an earthquake in Iran, remarried and lost his wife and two children after she divorced him when he became a Christian, who had scalding hot water thrown on him by a relative the day of his baptism, and who has been beaten up for his faith a number of times by fanatic Muslims in Athens. Recently he rented a small bachelor’s apartment, and after being there for only two days, returned one afternoon to find that the police had chained the doors and informed him that the man who had “rented” it to him was not the true owner, and was being taken to court so “M” would have to find somewhere else to stay.

He ended up with some Muslim Afghans who were allowing him to stay with them a few days while he tried to find another place. While with them, he discovered that they were reading the New Testament! Not wanting to reveal to them immediately that he was a believer, he began to read it with them, “discussing” their questions with them. Finally, he revealed to them his own faith in Christ and shared the Good News with them. This past Sunday one of those other men accepted Jesus as well! Please pray for his spiritual growth and that the others will come to Jesus as well.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer!

One thought on “Reaching the Nations through Athens

  1. i have the picture of you two with steven and me on my computer desktop – a wonderful reminder of our good time together as well as to be in prayer for you both during this time of preparation, and for the greek and muslim people you’ll be serving! happy tuesday!

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