Over the last two months, we have had many discussions about “asylum politics” in Greece. It is very difficult to obtain official refugee status in Greece. It can sometimes take the government several years to process a request for asylum. And until an immigrant is granted “official” status, he or she has few – if any – legal rights in Greece. Greece, of course, only grants official asylum to about 1% of applicants. Obviously, this situation produces a certain sense of hopelessness in asylum seekers. Greece, it has been said, seems to hope the problem will go away if they simply ignore the issue. Here is a link to a news article (in the Kathimerini newspaper, an English-language daily in Greece) about the desperate measures of one asylum seeker – whose application had not yet been processed after three years (separated from his wife and daughter all the while, mind you). A big thanks to Paul & Emma – future teammates – who directed us to this news article – and from whom we “borrowed” the picture below, which they took during a recent holiday in the Greek Islands.

2 thoughts on “The Asylum Game

  1. Hey! That photo was copyrighted. You owe us some royalties. And we were in Nafplio for one day, we weren’t sunning ourselves on an island. People will think we are lazy blurts!

    Seriously, feel free to rip off our ideas any time. ;)

    Hope you are doing well. Independence Day here. Taxis are not fully dressed unless wearing a flag and there are tanks in the street.

    – Paul & Emma

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