First of all, wow, where did spring go? It’s downright frigid outside – not the best conditions for spring break, but Kristin and I are still both enjoying our time off and the opportunity to catch up on some work.

We thought that we’d share some of our favorite missions books. Do you have any favorites? Any recommendations?

Bruchko, Bruce Olson – An amazing story of how God used a 19 year old kid to change Colombia with the gospel.
Through Gates of Splendor, Elisabeth Elliot – Five missionaries give their lives for the gospel in the jungles of Ecuador. Here is their story.Missiology:
Anthropological Insights for Missionaries, Paul Hiebert – A guidebook to understanding and navigating culture.God’s Global Mosaic, Paul-Gordon Chandler – God’s work is not limited to what we see in the West. Here is a great introduction to God’s work around the world. A Mind for Missions, Paul Borthwick – How to develop a missions-focused mindset, from living simply to reading international news.

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