This past week, Brett and I have been on Spring Break. However, it wasn’t feeling much like spring around here – so, we stayed inside for the most part to get a few things done for our training and for homework. But, we headed up to Chicago for the weekend, to see my family and celebrate Easter. Saturday morning, we ran in a little 5K race called the Hopper Hustle, and enjoyed much more when the wind was at our backs helping us along, rather than sending the flurries into our faces, and reminding us it’s way too cold to be outside! So, we had a nice little run for a bit – but, greatly enough, since Saturday was also my birthday, I turned 26! In doing so, it bumped me up to the next age bracket for the race – so, I won a little trophy for my time. Yea birthdays! In the afternoon, Brett and I went downtown for a delicious birthday lunch at Flat Top Grill, and he surprised me by getting tickets for us to see “Wicked.” We celebrated Easter with my family and had a delightful lunch and time together celebrating Jesus’ resurrection! We hope you enjoyed the celebration too with your families. Off to start another great week – hopefully we’ll get to head out in sandals again soon!

2 thoughts on “The Hopper Hustle and Birthdays!

  1. Of course you can link to us and use our stuff! Btw, another cultural insight for you; we used to enjoy running in a park close to our apartment. It was green, quiet and a good way to unwind. But lately, Paul has started being viewed as a threat by the dogs in the park, and last week they were threatening to bite his behind. We are looking into the price of gyms now instead.


  2. happy, happy birthday kristin! i’m glad you got to celebrate in style (if not nasty weather) and so glad you guys had a nice easter and that you got to see wicked. i love you and am grateful for the gift of your friendship. xoxo.

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