We are finishing Inside Out this week. The book, by Larry Crabb, was quite challenging, forcing us to explore areas of our heart that are sometimes more comfortable to leave in the shadows. For this reason, it was a great read. We’ve blogged before about his comments on “self-protective styles of relating.” The depth of our sinfulness is truly breath-taking. But God’s grace is all the more apparent! Although it is not something that I would usually read, God used it to really convict us both. Working through it with mentors was especially rewarding (thanks Steve and Chris!). The paragraph below is a short overview of the book – a portion of one of our training assignments.

Despite our good intentions and real efforts, change is often allusive, ignoring either the problems in our world or the pain in our hearts. Acknowledging both our deep longs (physical, social, and spiritual) and profound disappointments, Inside Out reveals our wrong strategies (self-protection) and points us towards the seat of true change – a repentant heart. Crabb provides the church a great service by pointing us beyond behavioral sin and reminding us of the sinfulness of our hearts. Thus, true change must come from the inside out.

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