A Few Articles of Interest…

Persecution in Turkey (NY Times) – Fresh waves of nationalistic vigor have stirred fears among the Christian population (1% of the total population) in Turkey. On Wednesday, three people were killed at a publishing house that prints Bibles. In the past, hardliners have accused the publisher of missionary activity.

Greeks are among the most unhappy in Europe (Kathimerini) – A new survey from Cambridge University names Greeks as some of the least happy people in the European Union, ranking 13th out of 15th. The Danish were 1st (happiest), while the Italians were 15th (least happy). The survey found that the Greeks don’t trust the government, don’t trust their laws, and don’t trust each other – but hey, maybe they’ll like us!

American to accept translators (Reuters) – In both Iraq and Afghanistan, those who serve as translators for American troops are particularly vulnerable (even targeted). Last week, the Senate decided to allow up to 500 translators to come to the United States as refugees.

EU to institute new racial hatred law (BBC) – European Union ministers agree to make the “incitement to hatred or violence against a group or person based on colour, race, national or ethnic origin” punishable with at least a year in jail.

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