…serving refugees through ministries of presence, compassion, empowerment, and training.

Over 33 million people are forcefully displaced from their homes every year: 12 million refugees, 21 million internally displaced people (more stats here). In the midst of this, International Teams’ missionaries seek to offer a testimony to Christ’s love in both word and deed. ITeams’ refugee ministry has a new website (here); surf through the site to learn about the life of refugees and how ITeams seeks to speak love and truth into this context.

Here is a great description of refugee ministry from the website:

When people make the desperate decision to flee from their homeland, they need to plan a route to a new life. There are some well-worn paths around the world that refugees travel upon; air, water and land routes that offer the simple hope of safety and a normal life. This is the Refugee Highway. It is paved with tears of discouragement and fear.

The love of God compels us to do whatever it takes to reflect His heart to the world by helping the Church meet uprooted people along the Refugee Highway, helping them find refuge in God and join with us in offering it to others.

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