Brett and I accomplished a great goal this past weekend in completing, and feeling good running, a half marathon. It was in Indianapolis, and the weather was ideal – we jogged from our hotel right to our starting point, and started out a great day! We got to see the city a bit, and even ran right on the Indy 500 race track. It was really encouraging that it felt so good – so my new goal is to shoot for the full marathon one of these days soon – I think I may be alone for that one though!

It’s been a bit of a crazy week for Brett – wrapping up his own classes – but, he just returned from graduation practice, and has only one day of class to go before seminary is finished! I, on the other hand, am trying to come up with some good ideas of how to hold a wedding in our kindergarten class – of Mr. Q and Ms. U. It’s next Friday. We started on a few songs this week. Thankfully my kids are quick learners, and they’re excited to do this kind of stuff!

We’ve been doing a lot of packing around here – and working to get our pre-training assignments done too. Hopefully I can shift my focus a bit more to them soon. I was checking out one of the teammate’s blogs, and he had posted a picture of the Athens team. I wanted to share it with you – so you could see a bit more of who we’ll have the pleasure to work with soon!

2 thoughts on “Time's Tickin' –

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to both of you on finishing the 1/2 marathon and to brett on graduating! so proud of you guys. audrey’s doing the marathon in the fall, if you want to fly back from greece and join her. ;)

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