Believe it or not, I was given a diploma on Saturday. The graduation serve was nice, but long. Even more, however, it was great to be surrounded by family and friends. Kristin’s parents came down, along with my aunts (from California and Minnesota), my brother and his family (from Colorado), my parents, and some close family friends. We had a cookout that evening with all sorts of good food and good conversations. Thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported me over the years.

On Sunday, I was ordained by the elders of Chatham Christian Church. It was such a supportive and loving environment – also, such a humbling and frightening call. In addition to the ordination, I preached on Sunday morning, which is my first experience preaching in front of my home church. It’s unnerving to look into the congregation and see people who were my youth sponsors, elders, and Sunday school teachers over the years. No room to fudge the truth here; they know all my dirt. I didn’t pass out, though, so I suppose that the sermon went well.

Kristin and I hope to send out our first real update newsletter this week; so keep you eyes on your inbox. Below is a picture of my brother and Olivia (one of the twins) at my parents’.

One thought on “School’s Out!

  1. way to go brett! so happy for you both and proud of this accomplishment. what a privilege to preach on mother’s day – such a wonderful and meaningful day. :)

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