Well, Kristin and I are currently sitting on our patio, enjoying the coolness that precedes a good summer storm. Despite the rain that is supposed to stick around for the next few days, we are both really excited for the weekend. Not only does the weekend signify the completion of our pre-training assignments (which we will both finish tonight), but it is also a homecoming of friends from across the country. Several of my old high school friends are returning to the Springfield area this weekend for a little reunion. Some are coming from as far as Maine, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, while others still live here in central Illinois. We are looking forward to a great weekend to relax before moving up to Elgin (just a week away!). These friends (and their wives) are such an encouragement. It is amazing to see what God has done in this small group: an engineer, youth ministers, a music therapist, a campus minister, preachers, a 911 operator, a volunteer coordinator, and future missionaries. Even more encouraging, however, is that each of these friends is committed to what God wants to do in their lives. Here is a picture from last year’s reunion at Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin.A special shout out to Dr. Davis, my periodontist in Springfield. Not only did he fix my gums, but he also decided not to charge us beyond what the insurance will cover. What a blessing!! Dr. Davis has a real heart for missions (he serves with a dental mission providing dental care in the Philippines) and this was his way of supporting our ministry! Thanks so much!

One thought on “Reunion

  1. WOW. Here’s to Dr. Davis! What a huge blessing. Praying you guys have a great time at your reunion, and a wonderful weekend. Missing you up here in Chicago and praying for you during this time of much transition.

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