(1) Last night we had the opportunity to share about our ministry with the missions committee of Sugar Creek United Methodist Church (Chatham, IL). Everything seemed to go well. We showed a video and discussed the mission in Athens for about 30 minutes with them. Please pray for us as they consider supporting our ministry.

(2) We are sending our laptop to Apple for a little TLC. It probably won’t be back in our hands for a week or two. Although we should have some Internet access through other means, we may not reply to emails quite as quickly or post on the blog quite as frequently next week.

(3) As I’ve been writing this, we received an email from Sugar Creek UMC! They will be supporting us with a generous one time gift. Praise God for His provision and care!

(4) Yesterday was Kristin’s last full day of school. Today is our last full day in Lincoln. Tomorrow, Kristin will hand out report cards, then we will pack up and go! Our apartment is already about 85% empty; tomorrow we will finish the job.

(5) Just three days until our training in Elgin begins!!!

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