Kristin and I are flush with excitement. Today we got some necessary paperwork from ITeams, as per the Greek consulate. Although we still need a few more supporters to be at 100%, we are hoping to get permission tomorrow to buy our tickets! I believe that we are prepared to face the consulate later this month (maybe as soon as next Friday) and apply for our visa (a first step towards obtaining a residence permit).

In addition to all this, we love training. It is tiring, but the classes are generally engaging and our fellow MITs (Missionaries In Training) are a riot. There are currently 30 MITs, but most of these are going on short term assignments (less than a year) and are only required to be here for one week. About a dozen of the MITs will remain with us for the next four weeks of training. Some are preparing to work in Costa Rica (training youth workers), others will plant churches in the Middle East, and still others will work with refugees (in Europe and America). We are getting so many great insights (biblical, missional, cultural, organizational), I wish I could blog about every detail. Alas, there is no time. Hopefully this weekend we will be able to rest a bit more. On Sunday we will be going to Paxton Avenue Christian Church (the church I worked at on the south side), where we will share about the mission (and I will preach). Sunday afternoon we hope to visit a Greek Evangelical Church in the near north suburbs!

Thanks for your love, support, prayers, and encouragement!!! Below is 411 W. River Rd. – our current home.

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