UPS stopped by International Teams this morning with an envelope marked “urgent delivery.” It was a rush to open our passports and see the bright green visas pasted inside! The visa itself is in Greek & English with our picture digitally inserted and some kind of data chip – real high tech stuff! On the adjacent page in the passport, the Greek government put a smaller blue stamp that seems to indicate that all fees have been paid in full (37.50 Euro each – or $50.63). We are obviously excited, as this represents the final major obstacle to our departure. Now we’re just crossing the days off the calender (35 days!!!). Training is going well. On Monday we begin a new two week session: Second Language Acquisition (SLA). We’ve been working through some SLA assignment already; and it’s pretty tricky stuff. Right now we are learning to identify the “articulators” and “points of articulation” in our mouths (i.e. where and how each sound is made). It sounds easy enough, but it is difficult for a guy who likes to mumble. We both think that two weeks of this will really give us a leg up in language learning when we get to Greece! Thanks so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement. We look forward to visiting Thorn Creek this Sunday (hopefully we’ll see some of you!). Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Passport + Visa + Ticket = Departure!

  1. Your passports sure had a quick trip to Greece!! We pray the rest of the trip and training goes as smoothly… I remember how difficult it was to teach a liitle guy who mumbled to learn to talk let alone speak Greek!! Good luck with your lessons… Just learn the greek word for AHHHHH! and you’ll be fine! Love MOM

  2. Hi Sanners, I’m so glad that all is going well and you’re on the final steps and days to getting to Greece. I just realized/noticed today that your link is missing from my blog…I’ll have to get that fixed somehow, sorry about that. Don’t worry, you’re still in our thoughts and prayers. Especially on the 5ths!
    Samara and family

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