Perhaps you’ve heard of the extreme heat that has plagued Athens recently. Most of the country has been oppressed by two weeks of 110 degree temperatures. There has been some relief, as temperatures have dipped into the mid-90’s this week. All this heat turns forests into kindling. As a result, Greek firefighters are working overtime in order to put out numerous wildfires. Here are some pictures from our friends (and future teammates) Paul & Emma.Here is Paul: “There was a particularly large fire on Mt Parnitha, which acts as a natural border for the city. It made for some very dramatic scenes as fire fighters raced to extinguish the blaze before it reached the city. When we woke this morning, there was ash all over our balcony and the air had the pungent pong of smoke.”In addition to the slightly lower temps, a spattering of rain has also helped the situation. Needless to say, pray for more rain! Thanks to Paul & Emma for the story, and to yahoo! news for the pictures!

One thought on “Heat Wave

  1. Poetic? Sometimes I do use the words ‘pong’ and ‘pungent’ to make myself appear more educated from time to time.

    We have next week off (not enough people around to keep the ARC open — well, not without burnout), so Emma and I are going hiking and camping up north. We’re going to stop at Lake Plastiras, see the Monasteries at Meteora, and then some hiking Vikos Gorge in the Pindos mountains. Are you into such outdoorsy things as well? I’m thinking about planning a hike on Parnassos, if we have time, sometime during the team retreat in fall…

    We’re really looking forward to seeing you guys out here.

    θα πούμε σύντομα,


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