A few months ago, Brett and I found out that we’re going to be parents (hopefully this isn’t the first you’re hearing of this – if so, sorry)! So, yesterday, we had the chance to head to the doctor to see the baby in action. It was amazing to see the changes that happened over a few quick weeks. It went from looking just like a little peanut to having all its limbs and moving around like crazy! Thankfully I don’t feel it yet, because the sonogram technician said I’m not going to be getting much sleep when I do, since this one looks like it never quits! Here’s a few pictures from our visit –

Here you can see baby’s profile – amazing!

Here’s a nice wave to the camera.
We’re just so excited and can’t wait to see who this little guy/girl is!

8 thoughts on “What a baby!

  1. Nice looking kid. Obviously, he/she has Brett’s need to ham for the camera and the first pic looks like he/she is lounging with feet up and arms behind the head…another Brettism.

    Stevie D

  2. So apparently I had NO IDEA! Congratulations you two! How exciting with all that you have going on.

    Will keep this little one in our prayers each 5th as well.

  3. Uncle Brett and Aunt Kristin,
    We can’t wait to play with our new cousin. He/she is so cute and perfect already!!

    Love, Billy and Mikayla

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