Here is a recent update from the president of International Teams, David Schroeder. This post can be found in full on Iteams’ blog.

Greetings from Elgin, Illinois, and from sixty nations around the world where our ministry is flourishing under the blessing of God!

During the inspiration sessions [at the International Leadership Forum] we heard from dozens of leaders about what God is doing in their respective ministries. Here are a few highlights –

Despite the war in Iraq, ITeams workers continue to visit the safer areas of the country to share the love and peace of Christ with the Iraqi people. Many are coming to faith and being discipled.

While the “killing fields” time is over, thousands are still being brutalized through the human trafficking industry. ITeams is commissioning people to provide recovery, restoration, education and job training, especially for the children who are most at risk.

The former Soviet states have populations that are torn between the atheistic ideology of communism and their more indigenous religion of Islam. Many are not satisfied with either, so our teams who work through NGOs (non-government organizations) have the opportunity to present a new life and a new creation through Jesus Christ.

Nearly 40 million people are on the “refugee highway” in dozens of countries. These unwanted aliens are some of the poorest and hopeless people on the earth. ITeams has about 20 strong teams scattered in many nations, bringing comfort, help and hope. Many new disciples are being made, as these folks respond to the love of Jesus.

A huge youth movement is occurring in South and Central America. Through our Latin America Multiplication Center in Costa Rica, and Youth World in Quito, ITeams is training hundreds of Latino young people to disciple their generation.

Our dozen teams in China are placed strategically where there is little witness for Christ. Most of them are using English-as-a-second-language to build relationships and help people hear the gospel.

New areas of ministry have opened up in Zambia, Uganda, and Kenya—and God is calling ITeams missionaries into those fields. From digging wells to teaching at Bible colleges, our workers are expressing the love of Jesus in ways that minister for now and for long-term. Sudan and Rwanda are next on our agenda.

Many people in Western Europe do not see the gospel as good news but as an old, worn out fantasy that enlightened people do not believe. But even the most hardened are softened when they see practical love, witness vibrant worship and face the hopelessness of their existence. While church planting is not our primary strategy in Western Europe, community demand recently caused some of our missionaries to start a church in France, of all places!

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