We’ve been tagged by our good friend Melissa, which means that we should post 8 factoids about ourselves. To make this more interesting, we’ve decided to make this a pictoral episode – especially related to our first week here in Athens. So, here we go…
1. This is where we are staying until we find our own apartment. This is a suburb of Athens called Papagou. We are staying on the 3rd floor flat with another American family.

2. This was our welcome dinner. The entire team met together at a traditional Greek taverna to share plates of lamb and chicken. The food was delicious; the team was gracious.3. We had the opportunity to visit the beach on Monday with two other couples! This is the best way to escape the heat of Athens.4. There is nothing particularly significant about this sign, but people always ask what the Greek language is like. Here it is… you tell me!5. Yesterday (Thursday) we met our new ‘baby doctor’ – Dr. Savvas Germanos. He was a very kind man, who spoke great English. He measured the baby’s head, and stomach, and arms, and legs, and heart. Everything is progressing normally! 6. Here is another picture from the doctor. It charts the blood flow in the baby. Very nice. We were quite impressed with the technology here. Everything was state of the art – and the office gives you about a dozen full sized pictures from the sonogram, plus a DVD of the entire procedure (about a twenty minute show, if anyone is interested in borrowing it). 7. We love the subway system here: smooth, cheap, and efficient (three words not often associated with Greece). We can get around without a car quite easily! 8. Well, we’re here and loving it! Thanks for your prayers and notes of encouragement.

4 thoughts on “Eight Facts

  1. love you guys (especially that last picture)! glad things are going so well. we continue to lift you up in prayer and are thrilled that we can keep in touch so easily through blogging. miss you!

  2. so glad to see that you are doing well and loving Greece! i’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures so far, and will continue to think of and pray for you both, and the little one on the way!

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