Hey all! Again, we can’t thank you enough for your partnership in this ministry. We’ve been in Athens for just over two weeks now, and we couldn’t be more excited about what God is doing here. The bottom line is clear: God is changing lives.

You are a vital part of this ministry – through your prayers, your encouragement, and your giving. We ask that next week you would specifically remember our kids camp in your prayers. Beginning on Tuesday (August 14th), we be taking about 40 refugee kids for a week of Bible camp outside of Athens. Our goal in this is two-fold: (1) to offer these children an opportunity to be kids – to run, to do crafts, to play soccer, to sing, to swim, and to feel loved; (2) to provide the children with an experience of God’s grace in Christ – through loving relationships and biblical teaching. Here are some specific ways to pray:
1. Pray that God might open the hearts of these kids (Because of the trauma in their lives, many of these children find it difficult to trust others).
2. Pray for the energy and endurance of the staff (There is no doubt that this will be one demanding week).
3. Pray for the families of the children involved (Can you imagine trusting your children into the care of strangers – and Christians at that?).
4. Pray that the seeds planted here would bear fruit throughout the world (in the lives of the children, their families, and their nations – past, present, and future).

Thank you so much for your prayers! As you can tell, we’re very excited. You should hear from us again near the end of August with another ministry update – including a report from camp.

By God’s Grace –
Brett & Kristin Sanner

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