Here’s what’s making news in the Sanner household this weekend:

1. Apartment – After much searching, it looks like we may have an apartment on our hands. This morning we visited a nice apartment in the Ambelokipi neighborhood of Athens. It has just enough space, a great balcony, and a nice kitchen. It’s on a quiet street just a block away from a quaint little neighborhood plaza – quite picturesque. We are supposed to met with the landlord again tomorrow evening to finalize the paperwork! Note: Most apartments in Greece come completely bare (no fridge, no stove – only cupboards and closets). So we will have a busy week trying to find all the necessary furnishings.

2. Jesus – Although ministry is difficult work, there is no doubt that God is at work here. Please pray for my friend “M,” a Muslim from Palestine, who has recently decided to follow Jesus. I have been talking with “M” regularly at the A.R.C. and am very excited for him. However, he faces a number of difficulties – chiefly, he works for a Muslim who will likely fire him upon hearing of his faith in Jesus. While “M” says that he is desires to follow Jesus regardless of this, it is a difficult and precarious time for a new believer. Please pray for him – his new faith, his new life, his new hope! “M” and I plan on meeting regularly for Bible study. I am very excited about this opportunity to disciple this new brother.

3. Baby – Kristin stomach continues to grow (pictures forthcoming). She is feeling well, but continues to tire easily. We have another visit to the baby doctor next Tuesday, so we will keep you updated.

Thanks so much for your prayers, support, and encouragement!

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