We’ve heard from a number of you this weekend concerning the fires here in Greece (click here for the story – BBC). We just wanted to send a quick note to everyone saying that we’re okay. Thanks for your concern and prayers. The fires are quite serious. The dry conditions (it hasn’t rained a drop here in the month since we’ve arrived), hot temperatures (100+), and high winds have made much of Greece into a tinderbox. The president has called a state of national emergency. In fact, some newspapers here have called this Greece’s 9/11. The authorities think that the fires may be “terror related” (some anarchist or communist groups are suspected). Over sixty people have died, and many fires are still burning. Many people are also worried about the economic impact of this, since tourism is one of Greece’s main industries. The area worth hit is about 30-45 minutes southwest of Athens, but there have been fires in the mountains surrounding Athens as well. Saturday ash fell from the sky like snow. Sunday the sun and moon were an eerie shade of red. Today we saw a charred field just 10 minutes from where we are staying. The reinforcements have arrived (other European countries have sent firefighters and firefighting equipment), and we pray that the worse has passed. Thanks for your continued prayers.

By the way, in the midst all this, Kristin and I signed a lease for an apartment here in Athens. It’s a lovely little place – you’re all invited to come visit. We can now be reached by mail – (we don’t want to post our address online, but email us and we’d be glad to share it with you).

By God’s Grace –
Brett & Kristin

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