Well, Kristin and I are fully moved into our new apartment. We really love the place, but are busy trying to make it “home.” We can’t get Internet access for a few weeks, so please forgive our upcoming lack of communication. We’ll do our best to stop by an Internet cafe and post an update as often as possible. We would appreciate your continued prayers over the next week, however. Here are some matters of concern:
1. Monday we will visit the “alien office” with all the appropriate paperwork in hand. Please, please pray for a smooth visit. We’ve been preparing for this day well before we even arrived in Greece. Pray that we would remain patient – we may be waiting in line for several hours. Please pray that God would open the appropriate doors for us – that we would receive a valid residence permit.
2. Next Sunday is election day here in Greece. The election was originally scheduled for next spring, but because of certain political situations, it has been moved up. We’ve been told that politics are very contentious here, and that the two major political parties are more divided and bitter than ever. There are several laws on the table that would help our situation here – and help the refugees – but they will not be dealt with until after the election (and may be dependent upon which party is elected). Please lift this entire situation up before the Lord.
3. Continue to pray for our new refugee friends. Kristin is teaching English regularly – and is very excited about the opportunities which this affords her. I am continuing in my “ministry of conversation” – listening to refugees’ stories, building trust-relationships, and answering their questions about Christianity/Jesus/the Bible.

Thanks so much! We’ll be in touch soon, but we appreciate your prayers in the mean time.

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