Well, tomorrow afternoon we’re headed to Delphi – a very historical town about three hours from Athens. We’re having our annual team retreat this Thursday through Sunday. From what we’ve heard this is a very refreshing time (spiritually, emotionally, physically, etc.), as well as a great time to focus our ministry vision. We’re looking forward to escaping the city for a few days. Please pray for our team this weekend. In addition to a great time of fellowship, we will also be discussing our “focus areas” in the ministry. For example, my focus area is the Nest (our shelter/discipleship ministry), while Kristin’s focus is education (English/children’s room). Please pray for clarity and guidance as our team shuffles around certain roles and responsibilities.
In addition, please pray for my friend “M” from Palestine. He recently asked for a New Testament and has been reading through it quite a bit. Although still closed to the thought of Jesus as “God’s son,” he has a lot of questions about Jesus’ teachings. Even more, I gave him a few specific texts to read this week (Eph. 1 & 2). I’m am looking forward to a great discussion next week. He didn’t see how Christianity was different than Islam (other than our “tri-theism”). I pray that God will enlighten his heart through the truth of these two chapters – Eph. 1 being about what we have uniquely in Christ; Eph. 2 being about the radical nature of God’s salvation in Christ. Please pray that this friend would come to see and know the real Jesus.

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