Today is November 17th – while this means nothing to most Americans, it is a date of infamy here in Greece. Almost 25 years ago a student protest was stomped out by a military regime here in Greece, an oppressive government supported by US money. So, on this day each year, there are large protests in the Athens center and near the US embassy. Both of the main streets near our house have been shut off to traffic, in anticipation of large demonstrations
Here’s a blurb from a local English-language newspaper.

Polytechnic rally

Thousands of police to patrol city, traffic cameras will be operating

Much of central Athens will be closed today as more than 8,000 policemen take up their positions ahead of the annual march to the US Embassy in memory of a 1973 student uprising at the Athens Polytechnic, which was bloodily suppressed by Greece’s military junta. Driving through the city center will be severely restricted and bus and trolley services will be rerouted to avoid protesters. In a controversial move, traffic surveillance cameras will be used today to record the movements of suspected troublemakers. A similar march is to take place in Thessaloniki.

**On an unrelated note, thanks so much for the wonderful Skype baby shower from the ladies of Chatham.  It was a great to see you guys on the computer screen!  Thanks for everything!!

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