I fly out of Athens on Wednesday morning for a long weekend in Chicagoland. One of my good friends, Josh Knight, is getting married in Evanston on Saturday. I am excited to see Josh and other friends, as well as both the Jorna and Sanner sides of the family. Unfortunately, Kristin is not able to join me, but she will be well attended to here in Athens. A few points for prayer –

– Safe travel for my trip to Chicago (Wednesday-Sunday).
– We hope to have the Nest opened by the 2nd week of December. When I return from Chicago, I’ll have two weeks full of appointments, intakes, errands, and other preparatory tasks. Please pray for the venture!!
– Although it seems trivial, we still don’t have Internet in the home, which makes connecting with family difficult (which is a special concern around the holidays). Please pray that our connection will be made soon (apparently even this takes Divine intervention in Greece)!
– Four Afghan men were baptized into Christ on Saturday!!! Rejoice with us, but also pray for their safety, maturity, and ministry. I believe that God has a special plan for this new believers!

Thanks for your prayers, support, and encouragement! Keep a look out for a post from Kristin while I’m in the States. Also, keep an eye on your mailbox for a special letter from us sometime towards the end of the month! LOVE YOU ALL!!

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